A Sleeping Partner (Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1967) 

“Arresting vitality… crude and brutal” [Irish Times] 

“An elegy for a relationship” [Times Literary Supplement] 

“Beatnik’s Paradise Lost” [Tit-Bits] 

“An up-to-dately disabused idyll…the apparently effortless sketching of a gallery of minor eccentrics, brilliantly vivid and funny suggest that Mr Lykiard, who is only 27, might one day compass a considerable novel in a traditional way, if that way ever seemed to him open.” [Anne Duchene, The Guardian] 

“Too inconsiderable to win the accolade of complete undesirability: the only superlative it merits is that of absolute mediocrity” [Piers Brendon, Books & Bookmen]

“Obsessed with sex” [South Wales Echo] 

A Sleeping Partner by the talented Greek-born, English-educated writer Alexis Lykiard is an exercise in concentration… recorded with considerable skill” [Surrey Mirror] 

“A technical advance on Zones… the book can be viewed as a Morality of today’s youth”[Hugh McKinley, Athens Daily Post]