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Strange Alphabet (Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1970) 

“Greek tragedy, whose sources are as priapic as they are political” [New York Times] 

“ I enjoyed reading Strange Alphabet. It is a well-written, fast-moving novel that captures the atmosphere of Greece before and after the military coup” [Andreas Papandreou] 

“I read it three times” [Jean Rhys] 

“Political protest can make rotten art, but Alexis Lykiard, concerned though he is with the state of Greece, writes primarily and very successfully about people. His style is authoritative and simple, his observations precise” [Sunday Telegraph] 

“Mr Lykiard has not written a ‘political’ novel. He portrays the heat and colour as well as the sickness of Greece. He explores personal relationships in conditions of stress with great insight. This book should add to his growing reputation” [Sunday Mirror] 

“Throws a fierce light on the tragedy which is modern Greece” [Tribune]