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Last Throes (Panther Original 1976) 

From the darkest reaches of human passion and sexuality, Alexis Lykiard has drawn the material for a story so bizarre yet so unnervingly close to home that it will grip the reader in its spell until the last page has been turned.

More than a murder thriller, more than a novel of strange sex and dark desires, Last Throes will reverberate in the caverns of your consciousness long after you have finished reading it.

This; is a novel that will bring you face to face with the kind of killer for whom society saves its harshest condemnation. Be prepared to face yourself too . ..

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to read your book. I skimmed through it in the first instance looking for the dirty passages promised by the cover, but not finding them I started again at the beginning and enjoyed it very much” [Auberon Waugh] 

“Salacious readers will be disappointed, for though the subject-matter is in part sexual, the treatment is very cool… Last Throes is an interesting new version of the relation of writer (and reader) to the text, pleasure to pain, and sex to society and the thriller” [C.J. Driver - The Guardian] 

“A most ingeniously and carefully constructed plot… As a study of the genesis and growth of a sexual psychopath, it works very well indeed… The plot is as intricate as the pattern of a Fair Isle sweater, and the author’s, or rather narrator’s, occasional asides about not knowing in which direction to take his story will fool nobody”[John Mellors, The Listener]