Scrubbers (W.H.Allen 1982)  

A prison novel based on Mai Zetterling’s film of the same title, and written in a fortnight to coincide with cinema release. As with Instrument of Pleasure, no reviews (perhaps because this book too – albeit more ‘seriously’ – focussed on women’s social misdemeanours and sexual involvements?). Several reprints, nonetheless.

Annetta and Carol - when they broke out of Borstal they were friends. But now they're caught, back inside, sent to the tough, closed Borstal - it's different. Annetta thinks Carol's betrayed her - and she's going to get her brutal revenge.

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SCRUBBERS is a glimpse into a closed world - the violence, the hopelessness, the uneasy alliances between the inmates, built on love and lust and fear.

But SCRUBBERS also captures the unique affinity that exists between the prisoners, the rough, bawdy humour that helps them endure the desperate life behind prison bars.