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HAIKU AT SEVENTY Anarchios Press ISBN 978-0-9558738-2-9   £8.00

HAIKU AT SEVENTY is a further, substantial collection of haiku following on from Alexis Lykiard's previous HAIKU OF FIVE DECADES (2008), also published by Anarchios. The author describes in his Introduction some of his own very personal and eclectic approach and methods; several pages of engaging and informative Notes are also included.

HAIKU AT SEVENTY offers a wide variety of playful yet thoughtful poetic contrasts. Alongside some lyrical observations, there are a number of found pieces, offset by barbed and witty satirical commentaries on world politics, together with contemplative reflections on time and mortality. With this second comprehensive book of haiku, Lykiard proves himself as alert, perceptive and enjoyable a poet as ever.

"That grand old troubadour Alexis Lykiard has had the excellent idea of collecting his haiku, and this book is a delight. He is funny, serious, witty, morose, irreverent, angry, flippant — and cheeky, all within that deceptive 5,7,5 syllabic form which flourished in Japan from the late sixteenth century and which has, in the last hundred years, been adopted throughout the world... but the best poets adapt, and Lykiard is an adapter....The last of this marvellous collection is: No option — one attends/that dreadful Clearance Sale where/ everything does go.

Don't go yet, Alexis, we need you."    (Barry Cole, Ambit 199 - on HAIKU OF FIVE DECADES)

Alexis Lykiard is one of our best satirists. In Haiku at Seventy the economy and elegance of the Japanese stanza is transformed into a witty, epigrammatic form.” [Andy Croft, Morning Star]

"Alexis Lykiard's fine new collection, Haiku at Seventy" (The Spokesman)

“Deaths & debts & many flares of pleasure too. Places, memory films, TV ghosts. I relished the scatter patterns and the sharp intakes of breath.”  (Iain Sinclair)


Alexis Lykiard has celebrated his three score and ten with two well produced collections of haiku via the Anarchios Press… Haiku At Seventy and Haiku Of Five Decades do indeed contain very fine ‘classic’ haiku… but most of the poems in these two books are what can only be described as a very clever and disturbing mutation that I can best describe as ‘Ironic Socio-Political Literary Biographical Jazz Haiku’… or something. The annoying thing is that they work – and rather like the temptation of an open sweet tin it would take a strong soul not to keep coming back to these poems to enjoy their wit, exuberance, and often sheer bloody-mindedness or anger at the many wrongs of the world. This is poetry with a passion and I loved every spat out syllable: 

For the Attention of The Occupier

Junk mail offends – like
smooth Israelis smirking at
sad Palestinians

                                                                                  [Kevin Bailey, editor HQ]