The Piano Ship - Blaise Cendrars, Charles Cros, Jules Supervielle trans Alexis Lykiard -Platform/Green Horse - 1974

"Alexis Lykiard's little pamphlet is booklet No.5 in the Platform/Green Horse series... All three of these French poets were born in the late 19th century and it is a mark of the great breakthrough in style and technique that took place at this time that these poems - even in translation - seem to be of our own time. Of Blaise Cendrars Henry Miller wrote: 'He has been the most rewarding to me of allcontemporary French writers (he died only in 1961): beside him, for example, Ernest Hemingway is a Boy Scout'....

...Whether the translations are a valid expression in English of their French originals I cannot say, not having access to them but they read well in English and make at least one reader want to see more of them." [Jack Garford, Samphire, vol. 2 no. 8, winter 1974/5}