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  Flesh Unlimited - The Eleven Thousand Rods & Memoirs of a Young Don Juan - Guillaume Apollinaire - Irene's Cunt - Louis Aragon - Creation Books 2000
ISBN 1 84068 015 6

In Guillaume Apollinaire's Les Onze Mille Verges, debauched aristocrat Mony Vibescu and a circle of fellow sybarites blaze a trail of uncontrollable lust, bloody cruelty and depravity across the streets of Europe.

In Apollinaire's Les Memoires D'Un Jeune Don Juan, a young man reminisces his sexual awakening at the hands of his aunt, his sister and their friends as he is utterly corrupted in a season of carnal excess.

Louis Aragon's Le Con D’Irene is the intense story of a man's torment when he becomes fixated upon the genitalia of an imaginary woman and is reduced to voyeuristically scoping 'her' erotic encounters in between describing various events in brothels and other sexual adventures.

FLESH UNLIMITED is a compendium edition of these three classic erotic/surrealist novellas, some of the finest examples of wild literary erotica ever produced. They are presented in brand new translations by Alexis Lykiard (translator of Lautréamont's Maldoror), and are the original, complete and unexpurgated versions, with full introduction and notes.