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  Indiscreet Memoirs - Alain Dorval  W.H. Allen & Co 1985
ISBN 0 352 315164

In the deserted house the petite servant girl revolves gracefully before the mirror, dressed only in her mistress's underwear. . . the floating bordello disappears slowly into the early morning mist… the proud Spanish aristocrat : drops her gypsy pose — along with her mantilla. 

These flickering images of desire return to haunt narrator Yves Morhant. In his memory the women of his youth still blush and smile and yield to his embrace. From adolescence, Yves has been a collector of erotic images and this journey into his past provides encounters that are many and varied. Liaisons with Cecile, the toothsome young maid; the mature and not so respectable Therese; Cleo the actress; Clarisse; Celine. . , the voyeur's most treasured memories spill out onto the pages in a sensual reverie.