Oh Wicked Country! WH Allen & Co 1982 ISBN 0 352 31035 9

In the middle of the nineteenth century, the straight-laced wife of an English army officer on service in New Zealand, is abducted by a tribe of Maori savages. The tribesmen and women have a most uninhibited attitude towards sexual matters and Stella McLeod's blonde beauty arouses them to heights of libidinous fervour. Under their skilful ministrations Stella herself abandons convention and discovers a taste for the most surprising and unusual pleasures...
First published in France under the title Cruelle Zélande:, this is the first publication in English  of a work (by Jacques Serguine) hailed as an erotic masterpiece.

'The last word in literary laughs' [Le Magazine Literaire]

'What a shocker, Mrs Robinson! Very funny too in its satirical questioning of Victorian values and sexual assumptions' [Elle]

'A hilarious erotic novel, more serious than it seems' [L'Humanité]

'With its tongue-in-cheek humour and its volcanic yet sensual atmosphere, the novel has more than one claim to originality (something not easy in this genre) not least its contract between Victorian values and savage eroticism' [Le Monde]